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Welcome to the heart
of healing!

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You Are Born To Live Well

Daily two personalised Ayurvedic treatments, three yoga sessions, careful assessment from experienced Ayurvedic doctor, and farm-to-table vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

All while aligning yourself to the rhythms of nature in a serene and supportive environment.

An invitation to pause & heal

Ayurveda Massage in Bali

Step into Ayurvedagram Bali and soak in the serene vibes of Ubud's lush surroundings. Our wellness sanctuary blends ancient Kerala Ayurveda traditions with Bali's rich culture.

Meet our dedicated Ayurveda doctor for a detailed consultation to kickstart your healing journey. Experience personalised treatments tailored to rebalance and rejuvenate you.

From Panchakarma to restorative rituals, our therapies promote holistic healing.

Join our community of like-minded people who come here finding balance of the body and mind.

Our Best Packages

Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, weight management, stress, or other metabolic disorders,  we offer a range of wellness packages that are tailored to your specific health needs. Our highly experienced Ayurvedic Physicians work with you to identify the root causes of your health concerns, and curate personalised packages that suit your needs.

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Autoimmune Disorders

The treatment protocols are meticulously crafted and tailored to the specific autoimmune disorder you are grappling with. Our package offers a natural, targeted and effective way of healing your entire system.

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Our Panchakarma Package is a rigorous and highly personalised program carried out under the strict supervision of experienced Ayurvedic Physicians. The aim is to detoxify your body and total mind-body rejuvenation.

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Gut Health

The gut-brain axis highlights how imbalances in the gut can contribute to mental stress and vice versa. This package includes a regimen of therapies to help eliminate toxins, stimulate the digestive fire and balance your gut microbiome.

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Metabolic Disorder

Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, & Weight Gain are part of a high-risk condition called Metabolic Syndrome. With expert guidance and Ayurvedic therapies, you can restore your metabolism to optimal levels.

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Weight Loss

We use a comprehensive, time-tested set of therapies that allows your digestion to rest and eliminate accumulated toxins to revitalise metabolism. The aim is sustainable weight loss through holistic practices.

Your Time With Us

Imagine a day where the only thing on your calendar is taking care for your body and mind.
Your only real to-do: take care of you.

Here’s what your time with us would look like:

What makes us unique


Experience Team Rooted in Kerala's 800-Year Tradition

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World-Class Organic Products with Global Recognition

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Holistic Healing Oasis Nestled in Bali's Natural Splendor


Our guest experience benefits:

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  • 100% feel calmer and less stressed

  • 90% feel brighter with a focused mind

  • 90% improved digestion

  • 85% decrease in anxiety levels

  • 85% improved sleep

  • 80% weight reduction

  • 72% Improved bio makers

  • 60% reduced prescription medication 

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