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Autoimmune Disorders

Embrace a holistic path for Spine & Joint Care! Heal damaged tissues, rebuild muscle strength & say goodbye to pain flare-ups with Ayurvedic wisdom.

Holistic • Natural • Sustainable • Personalized

Your body is naturally engineered to rebuild and protect itself ! Your autoimmune system is capable of recognizing and fighting against all harmful microbes, bacteria and viruses invading your body. However when the body’s unique ability to heal itself goes haywire, it sparks numerous health troubles. Autoimmune disorders occur when your immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues and cells instead of protecting them against external invaders - a concept known in Ayurveda as Prajnaparadha, a mistake of the intellect. Often symptoms of autoimmune conditions do not show up at the early stages, and when inflammations surface, conventional medical systems attempt to treat and ease the inflammation rather than get to the root of the problem. Although different autoimmune disorders affect different parts of the body, some common symptoms are swelling & pain in the joints, itchy skin, fatigue, recurring fever, gut & digestive issues. The Ayurveda approach however is holistic and attempts to tackle the root cause, not just surface-level symptoms. Ayurvedic wisdom asserts that optimal health, vitality, strength, longevity, immunity and emotional well-being are achieved when the three doshas ( Kapha, Pitta & Vata) and are their subtle essences - Prana, Tejas, and Ojas are balanced and in harmony. Health issues arise when Agni (digestive fire) is impaired, leading to an impaired metabolism and excessive accumulation of Ama (toxins). This results in the lowering of Ojas (essence of immunity) and triggers autoimmune conditions. A weak Ojas causes some cells to lose Smriti (cell memory) and behave out of sync with the whole cellular system. At Ayurvedagram Bali, the essence of our Ayurvedic treatment protocols for autoimmune disorders lies in restoring Agni and Ojas naturally and not suppressing symptoms. This is achieved through the powerful Panchakarma detox therapies and Rasayana herbal therapies. Panchakarma works on restoring the doshas to their natural equilibrium, thereby reducing the overactive immune response. Immune-modulating Rasayana herbs help realign the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to disease-causing agents. A dosha-specific diet tailored to the specific autoimmune condition is prescribed. Nutritional recommendations include specific foods and spices to support healing and reduce inflammation. Additionally, restorative yoga, pranayama practice and meditative techniques calm the mind and raise resilience to enable you to go through the treatment with calm, hope and faith. So set all your worries aside and embrace the holistic approach at Ayurvedagram Bali to regulate your metabolism and realign your immune naturally. Reverse autoimmune conditions or alleviate inflammation effectively.

Benefits this Package brings you

Holistic_Approach 1.png

Holistic Approach

Our Autoimmune Disorders Package embraces an Ayurvedic lifestyle and personalised diet plans, along with the proven Panchakarma cleanse, rejuvenating massage therapies and herbal Ayurvedic formulations to help alleviate anxiety and restore inner equilibrium so that you are able to deal with stress triggers of daily life with calmness and resilience.

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Customised Experience

We recognise the Ayurvedic principle that each individual is unique, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” health solution. Our practitioners tailor the treatment plan to your health goals, also consider your budget and schedule.


Expert Guidance

Led by Certified Ayurveda Practitioners & Therapists, Yoga Masters, Nutritionists & Chefs trained in Ayurvedic traditions, our program ensures safe, natural and sustainable health and complete well-being.

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Lifestyle Disease Management

Our therapies regulate the metabolism and ensure balanced hormones and an improved immune while calming your senses in a natural way. Resultantly helps better manage lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and hypertension and reduces the risk of any associated disease.

What Treatments will you get?

Ayurvedagram Bali offers holistic and non-invasive treatments that are a safe and natural adjunct to conventional immunology medicine for Autoimmune Disorders. It combines the goodness of classical Ayurvedic detox therapies and dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation, regulate metabolism, restore immune health and minimise the likelihood of autoimmune flare-ups.

Panchakarma (4).jpg

The first step of the treatment is Panchakarma, proven powerful to help enable radiant health and is especially beneficial in the Autoimmune Disorders Package because of its potent ability to flush out toxins, detoxify the gut, awaken the body's innate healing energies and give your immune system a fresh start.


Herbal formulations suited to your specific autoimmune condition are prescribed. A prerequisite for a healthy body is an optimal metabolism. Ayurvedic wisdom recommends intake of the wonder Rasayana herbs to help correct your tridosha balance and enhance your impaired metabolism. Proven immune-boosting herbs - Amla, Nirgundi, Guduchi, Pippali, etc.- are also prescribed to naturally raise your weakened ojas (the essence of vitality) and realign your immune system.


Imbalance in the immune impairs the metabolic fire (agni). Hence, the first essential step to wellness is appropriate dietary changes. A balanced diet tailored to an individual's constitution and the specific autoimmune condition is prescribed. Nutritional recommendations may include specific foods and spices to support healing and reduce inflammation.


Stress can exacerbate autoimmune symptoms. Our therapies include stress-reduction techniques like yoga, pranayama (breathwork) and meditative practices to help calm the mind, raise resilience and emotional well-being.


A wealth of benefits:

  • raises Agni (digestive fire) and restores metabolism

  • improves circulation of Prana and ensures proper nourishment of tissues

  • promotes emotional well-being

  • significantly reduces stress-related flare-ups

  • calms inflammation and enhances the immune response


... Realign your immune health and regain vitality naturally!

Our Autoimmune Disorders Package

Ayurvedic wisdom attributes autoimmune conditions to the accumulation of toxins (Ama) which is formed due to a weakened digestive fire (Agni) and leads to a low Ojas. The primary focus of our treatment plan is on restoring Agni and Ojas. Our holistic approach addresses the root cause, not just surface-level symptoms.


The origin of an autoimmune condition could be multifaceted - genetic predisposition, toxin accumulation or an immune system imbalance. Our physician will perform a detailed Ayurvedic examination (chikitsa) of the inflammation symptoms. The treatment protocols are then meticulously crafted under expert guidance and tailored to the specific autoimmune disorder you are grappling with.


Our Autoimmune Disorders Package offers a natural, targeted and effective way of healing your entire system. We rely on time-tested Panchakarma therapies and Rasayana practices. Our package includes herbal medicines, dietary adjustments, lifestyle modifications and detoxification techniques that stimulate the body's innate healing mechanism. Our daily schedule is designed to help you heal and includes an anti-inflammatory diet rich in whole, fresh foods, doing regular physical activity, spending time outdoors, getting enough sleep, and cultivating healthy emotions such as gratitude, compassion and joy.

Discover the Healing Embrace of Ayurvedagram Bali

Our seasoned Ayurvedic Physicians and Therapists, Yoga Masters, Masseurs, Chefs and empathetic caregivers integrated with one unwavering focus: to help you achieve your health goals.

Meet Dr. Natasha

Dr. Natasha heads our team of Ayurvedic Practitioners. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, awarded for outstanding academic excellence, she has honed her skill to heal as a Physician, as a Panchakarma specialist and in Herbal Dietetics for over a decade. She hails from Kerala, South of India, home to the 3000-year- old Ayurvedic traditions and upholds a unique Ayurvedic Vaidya heritage, coming from a family of well- known Ayurvedic Physicians engaged in the Kerala School of Classical Ayurvedic Treatments and traditions for three generations.

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Why us?

At Ayurvedagram Bali, we are dedicated to utilising the power of Ayurvedic wisdom to address your health concerns in a safe and skilful manner. We aim to empower you to continue walking the path of wellness even after you complete your Wellness Package protocols with us. Our personalized packages are tailored to align with your dosha type, doshic imbalance, long-term health goals and lifestyle. This ensures not just temporary rejuvenation but a safe and sustainable path to radiant health.


Our integrated and holistic healing approach sets our wellness packages apart. We provide dosha-specific diets, Panchakarma treatments, massage therapies, restorative yoga and pranayama practice, meditation and lifestyle modification guidance to add great value to your journey with us.

Good to know

Our program offers various packages, each based on your requirements. However, there are some general pretreatment suggestions and recommendations that we would like to share.


We take health precautions seriously. If you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, physical disabilities or ailments, or if you are pregnant, please inform us before hand.


We use gentle Ayurvedic procedures that are safe for most people. However, prior information on your medical history and any medication you take is essential to ensure your safety and well-being during your stay.


We recommend that you wear comfortable yoga-style clothing that is wash and wear. This will help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatments.

Package variations

Ayurvedagram Bali packages are tailored uniquely for you. 

We believe that every guest comes to us with a unique reason. Whether you seek relief from joint pain, support in restoring metabolic imbalances or need healing for emotional wellbeing, ‘You are Uniquely You!’. Your unique expectations require a personalized healing solution.


Our experienced doctors go through careful evaluation to ensure the best treatment plan. Your medical history, emotional state, physical stamina and endurance are thoroughly assessed and evaluated. Additionally, doctors consider your primary dosha and unique tridosha balance.

  • Duration & Pricing: Our program ranges from 7 to 28 days, and the price varies based on the package's length, complexity, and accommodation preferences.

Our Facilities to empower
your health goals sustainably

Ayurvedagram Bali combines the therapeutic benefits of intense Panchakarma treatments with a range of relaxing therapies, exceptional service, indulgent amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. You feel safe as your metabolism is boosted, your body is toned and your senses are harmonised. We ensure you achieve long-lasting healing and well-being.


Our Yogashala nestled amidst lush paddy fields and tropical greens central to all our Ayurveda wellness packages, offers an idyllic space for yoga practice any time of the day. Participate in our holistic and energizing group sessions integrating mind, body and spirit. The asanas taught vary from light and joyful to extensive stretches – useful and suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. Alternatively you could opt for personalised sessions under the guidance of Certified Yoga Masters.

Rooms and accomodation

Our boutique wellness center blends Ayurvedic requirements with modern luxury accommodation. Spread across 14,000 square meters of lush tropical greens, Ayurvedagram Bali reflects the essence of our land, the local vibe and a lot of love. Our accommodation menu offers large rooms decorated with handcrafted Balinese artisanal flair, offering stunning vistas of unspoiled greens. You will find yourself engulfed by the sounds of the forest as you relax and rejuvenate in quiet serenity and comfort.



( 10 units ) / Size: 35 sq. metres


Our Premier Pool Rooms are a seamless melange of luxe and the outdoors. Catch the sunrise while in the pool or sit on the pool deck amid the fragrant frangipani and soak in the orange hue evening skies. Thoughtfully integrated with modern amenities and the pool literally at your doorstep, the Premier Pool Room is a unique ‘outdoors – inside’ concept that affords generous private space, incredible comfort while emanating a rare tranquil vibe.

What Our Guests Say About Us

Che Kothai & Mriga Kapadia.jpg

"Many thanks to AyurvedaGram for an amazing experience with Dr. Natasha. From my first meeting, she provided exceptional care. Despite the distance from Bangalore to Bali, this place is phenomenal. After a draining festival season, I sought to regain energy and strength, and Dr. Natasha identified my depleted ojas, successfully replenishing them in just 14 days. The daily schedule included morning walks, yoga, and delicious South Indian breakfast. The treatments, pranayama, and meditation left me feeling blissful, joyful, and full of life. Grateful to AyurvedaGram for hosting me; we'll return!"

Other Wellness Packages

Pain_Management (2).jpg

Pain has become the most common reason one sees a doctor. What one gets from the doctor is a prescription of painkillers. Ayurveda sees pain as the last signal from the body that has been battling an imbalance for a long time. There is a solution that is safe, personalised, non-invasive and long-lasting. Our holistic Pain Relief Package will help identify the cause of your pain and help heal it.

Skin_Health (1).jpg

Uneven skin tone or pigmented skin can indicate that something is not right inside our body. Following the principles of Ayurveda, our Skin Health Package takes a holistic approach to skincare. It combines therapies, Ayurvedic herbs and an antioxidant-rich diet to purify the blood, eliminate toxins and prevent and repair damaged skin. We also address chronic conditions such as Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis.


Sleep, your health depends on it! In Ayurveda, sleep, known as ‘Nidra’, is one of the three pillars of good health. Sleep helps the body and mind relax, detoxify and rejuvenate. Our Sleep Management Package blends proven Ayurvedic treatments, guided yoga and ‘Yog Nidra’ sessions to improve your sleep quality and naturally overcome insomnia. You can expect to sleep better and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Rebalance, heal and boost your Immunity with Ayurvedic Therapies at Ayurvedagram Bali.

Begin your transformation today!

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