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Sleep Management 

Sleep better and get more of it naturally! Restore your Circadian Rhythm, Enjoy better health and increased vitality!

Holistic • Natural • Sustainable • Personalized

Sleep is the most crucial biorhythm of the human body. Nidra (sleep) in ancient Ayurvedic texts is referred to as one of the three pillars essential to a healthy and balanced life. Missing even one night of quality sleep can affect hormonal balance, digestion, stress response and mood. Our body essentially needs 8 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep to perform optimally. However, the demands of modern life rarely allow us that, and we settle for shorter or interrupted sleep. Fatigue, impatience, lethargy, sensitivity to minor stress, or lack of clear thinking are just a few of the well-known symptoms of sleep deprivation and poor sleep. Our natural sleep cycle is most often a victim of lifestyle excesses - prolonged screen time, sedentary habits, erratic physical activity, dietary indulgences and an inappropriate work-life balance. While we increasingly rely on prescribed sedatives to get a good night’s sleep, these do not offer a long-term solution and leave unwanted side effects. Applying Ayurvedic wisdom can help you get better sleep, and more of it, naturally, with reduced dependence on sleeping pills. Ayurveda attributes loss of sleep to an imbalance of the Vata dosha and decrease in sleep duration to a vitiated Pitta dosha. At Ayurvedagram Bali, we offer natural yet powerful and effective Ayurvedic therapies that can help restore your imbalanced circadian rhythm (that helps your body know when to wake up and when to sleep). The powerful Panchakarma cleanse, Rasayana herbs, Abhyanga massage and the intensively restorative Shirodhara comprise the Sleep Management treatment plan that help fix your vata pitta imbalance naturally and restore your sleep cycle. Our skilled Ayurvedic practitioners are of the view that vitiated doshas naturally return to balance if we allow them to do so. Hence a treatment plan at Ayurvedagram Bali emphasizes on a daily regimen that begins with a morning walk, yoga asanas, pranayama ( breathwork) and ends with a meditative practice in addition to the prescribed Ayurvedic therapies so as to enable a ‘mind - body ‘balance that is conducive to good sleep. We curate a personalized routine and help you stick to it. Light, nutritious Ayurvedic meals are provided at regular intervals to nourish and keep your energy levels up. Engaging and relaxing group activities in the afternoon are also included. This routine encourages you to slow down, introspect and let go of negative thoughts that trigger stress. This package is highly acclaimed for its ability to restore a healthy and natural sleep pattern.

Benefits this Package brings you

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Holistic Approach

Our Sleep Management Package adopts an Ayurvedic lifestyle, customized diet plans, and incorporates proven Panchakarma cleanse, rejuvenating massage therapies, and herbal Ayurvedic formulations. This comprehensive approach helps alleviate anxiety and restore inner equilibrium, thereby enabling you to sleep better and longer.

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Customised Experience

We recognise the Ayurvedic principle that each individual is unique, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” health solution. Our practitioners tailor the treatment plan to your health goals, considering your budget and schedule.


Expert Guidance

Led by Certified Ayurveda Practitioners & Therapists, Yoga Masters, Nutritionists & Chefs trained in Ayurvedic traditions, our program ensures safe, natural and sustainable health and complete well-being.

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Lifestyle Disease Management

Our therapies regulate your metabolism, improve your immune and ensure balanced hormones, while calming your senses in a natural way. Resultantly help better manage lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and hypertension, thus reducing the risk of any associated disease.

What Treatments will you get?

Ayurvedagram Bali offers holistic treatments that serve as a safe and natural adjunct to conventional medicine for managing sleep and curing insomnia. It combines the goodness of yoga, meditation & breathwork practices along with classical Ayurvedic detox & Rasayana herbs to enable lasting wellness.


Warm oils infused with dosha-specific healing herbs are rhythmically massaged onto your body to calm the nervous system, pacify the tridosha and resultantly enable a relaxed and balanced state of body and mind.


Our treatment plan recognizes that each dosha (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) has specific dietary guidelines to appropriately address the root cause of your sleeplessness. Additionally, Rasayana herb tonics beneficial for nerve-relaxation, supplement the dosha specific diet to ensure restoration of an optimal digestive fire (agni), a heightened ojas (vital energy) and thus naturally better sleep and wellbeing.


A particularly restorative process to relieve stress, enhance sleep and diminish anxiety. A steady stream of warm medicated oil is poured over the forehead.


Experienced yoga masters lead you through an invigorating flow of pranayama (breathwork), yogic asanas, yog nidra (a deep relaxation technique that induces a state of conscious sleep) and several other meditative techniques. Regularly practiced these improve the flow of prana, awakening the innate healing potential of your body. You feel emotionally calm, your mind stronger while your sleep pattern improves naturally.


A wealth of benefits:

  • enhances overall well-being

  • improves cognitive function & mental clarity

  • nourishes vital tissues

  • bolsters the immune system

  • strengthens the body's defence mechanisms

  • promotes resilience against infection & disease

  • supports hormonal balance & optimal reproductive function


... Experience deep & restorative sleep! Lead a productive, energetic & joyful life!

Our Sleep Management Package

Ayurvedic wisdom attributes sleep disorder or insomnia to an imbalance in the body's doshas, particularly the kapha and vata doshas. Our healing approach at Ayurvedagram Bali is thus focused on addressing the underlying root cause of the imbalance, i.e., lifestyle variables, such as inappropriate dietary habits, sedentary living, lack of exercise and chronic stress. Regulate your sleep cycle naturally and holistically! Adopt a natural, targeted and effective way of healing your entire system. Join us for the Sleep Management Package at Ayurvedagram Bali to wake up each day with renewed energy, mental clarity and a sense of well-being. Our mindfully crafted treatment regimen includes therapeutic Abhyanga and Shirodhara to help you relax and realign your body - mind connection. Effective Rasayana herbs act as nerve-nourishing tonics, while a nutrientdense sattvic diet helps resets your impaired digestive fire and puts your metabolism back on track. Of utmost importance in the program is a daily yoga and meditation practice comprising of asanas and pranayama to oxygenate and increase the flow of prana (life energy) in your body, refresh your mind, ease anxiety. Restful sleep is critical to optimal health. Our bodily tissue nourishment and replenishment are based on it. Deep sleep strengthens the immune system and enhances the body's defence mechanism to fight disease. You get back a healthy sleep schedule, enhanced quality of life and naturally keep lifestyle conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes or obesity at bay.

Discover the Healing Embrace of Ayurvedagram Bali

Our seasoned Ayurvedic Physicians and Therapists, Yoga Masters, Masseurs, Chefs and empathetic caregivers integrated with one unwavering focus: to help you achieve your health goals.

Meet Dr. Natasha

Dr. Natasha heads our team of Ayurvedic Practitioners. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, awarded for outstanding academic excellence, she has honed her skill to heal as a Physician, as a Panchakarma specialist and in Herbal Dietetics for over a decade. She hails from Kerala, South of India, home to the 3000-year- old Ayurvedic traditions and upholds a unique Ayurvedic Vaidya heritage, coming from a family of well- known Ayurvedic Physicians engaged in the Kerala School of Classical Ayurvedic Treatments and traditions for three generations.

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Why us?

At Ayurvedagram Bali, we prioritize your safety. Our dedicated team uses the power of Ayurvedic wisdom to address your health concerns in a skilled and safe manner, helping to strengthen your body and mind to support healing even after you complete your treatment with us. Our personalised packages are tailored to your dosha type and specific health imbalances, ensuring a safe and sustainable path to radiant health. Our integrated and holistic approach to healing sets our wellness packages apart, with individualized Panchakarma protocols, restorative yoga and pranayama practices, meditation and lifestyle modification guidance adding great value to your journey.

Good to know

Our program offers various packages, each based on your requirements. However, there are some general pretreatment suggestions and recommendations that we would like to share.


We take health precautions seriously. If you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, physical disabilities or ailments, or if you are pregnant, please inform us before hand.


We use gentle Ayurvedic procedures that are safe for most people. However, prior information on your medical history and any medication you take is essential to ensure your safety and well-being during your stay.


We recommend that you wear comfortable yoga-style clothing that is wash and wear. This will help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatments.

Package variations

Ayurvedagram Bali packages are tailored uniquely for you. 

We believe that every guest comes to us with a unique reason. Whether it's to heal from stress or hormonal imbalance, seek relief from joint pain or combat insomnia, ‘You are Uniquely You!’. Your unique expectations require a personalised healing solution.


Our experienced doctors go through careful evaluation to ensure the best treatment plan. Your medical history, emotional state, physical stamina and endurance are thoroughly assessed and evaluated. Additionally, doctors consider your primary dosha and unique tridosha balance.

  • Duration & Pricing: Our program ranges from 7 to 28 days, and the price varies based on the package's length, complexity, and accommodation preferences.

Our Facilities to empower
your health goals sustainably

Ayurvedagram Bali combines the therapeutic benefits of intense Panchakarma treatments with a range of relaxing therapies, exceptional service, indulgent amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. You feel safe as your metabolism is boosted, your body is toned and your senses are harmonised. We ensure you achieve long-lasting healing and well-being.


Our Yogashala nestled amidst lush paddy fields and tropical greens central to all our Ayurveda wellness packages, offers an idyllic space for yoga practice any time of the day. Participate in our holistic and energizing group sessions integrating mind, body and spirit. The asanas taught vary from light and joyful to extensive stretches – useful and suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. Alternatively you could opt for personalised sessions under the guidance of Certified Yoga Masters.

Rooms and accomodation

Our boutique wellness center blends Ayurvedic requirements with modern luxury accommodation. Spread across 14,000 square meters of lush tropical greens, Ayurvedagram Bali reflects the essence of our land, the local vibe and a lot of love. Our accommodation menu offers large rooms decorated with handcrafted Balinese artisanal flair, offering stunning vistas of unspoiled greens. You will find yourself engulfed by the sounds of the forest as you relax and rejuvenate in quiet serenity and comfort.



( 10 units ) / Size: 35 sq. metres


Our Premier Pool Rooms are a seamless melange of luxe and the outdoors. Catch the sunrise while in the pool or sit on the pool deck amid the fragrant frangipani and soak in the orange hue evening skies. Thoughtfully integrated with modern amenities and the pool literally at your doorstep, the Premier Pool Room is a unique ‘outdoors – inside’ concept that affords generous private space, incredible comfort while emanating a rare tranquil vibe.

What Our Guests Say About Us


“My name is Anna May Girani. I'm a professional healinq master. I want to thank a lot all team of Ayurvedagram centre for amazinq experience I spent there. I was one week to clean my mind, to restart my body and it was really areat and deep experience for myself. I would like to share with you all contacts of Doctor Natasha Shashikant. All this team are ver competent and professional and ver human and so deed the touch my heart a lot. So I will back for sure and I recommend it for vou to do it in case vou need some support or maybe heal vour body with Avurveda or mavbe practise Yoga very seriously and very deep.“

Other Wellness Packages


Our Post Cancer Treatment Care Package is a personalized treatment plan catering to your unique needs. It incorporates Classical Ayurvedic cleansing therapies and nurturing care to alleviate the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. We will help you reduce emotional distress, enhance functional health and boost immunity. Move away from pain, fatigue and cognitive difficulties.


Our body renews and rebuilds itself every second. Ayurveda has an entire Rasayana branch that helps boost ‘Ojas’ and prevent cellular degeneration that comes with ageing. Our Rasayana therapies assist in building all seven bodily tissues (dhatus) to support renewal and regeneration. The Ayurvedagram Bali Spine & Joint Care Package has been proven effective, regenerative and without side effects.


Eating disorders can have serious consequences on your health and emotional well-being. Our Eating Disorder Package provides a holistic treatment plan that addresses the causative emotional triggers such as stress, anxiety, fear or sadness. It supports you in breaking free of destructive eating patterns. You will learn the necessary tools to cope with emotional challenges and rediscover joy in life.

Embrace holistic therapies at Ayurvedagram Bali.

Regulate your sleep cycle, rest and heal naturally.

Begin your transformation today!

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