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Localised Warm Oil Retention
~ Vasti/ pichu ~

From the subtle crackling sensation when you rise in the morning to the relentless stiffness that hampers your every move, even the slightest discomfort can escalate. The challenges are real, whether it's the nagging pain that accompanies bending or the inability to sit comfortably for more than half an hour.

Discover the transformative power of Ayurvedic pain-revealing therapies at Ayurvedagram Bali. These therapies are designed to unwind tense body parts and soothe muscles through techniques like localised vasti and rejuvenating treatments like Ayurvedic localized warm oil retention or pichu. Take a break from the demands of your hectic life and invest in yourself for a few days. Allow the calming and refreshing properties of Ayurvedic herbs to breathe new life into your body and mind.

Benefits this treatment brings

Here are the five crucial benefits of Vasti and Pichu therapies that you need to know:

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Helps with the rejuvenation of bones and tissues

In degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, lumbar and cervical spondylosis, Asthi kshaya (deterioration of the bone tissue) is prominent as it arises from Vata vitiation. Localised vasti helps pacify Vata dosha, reducing degeneration and promotes Kapha dosha, which benefits bone & tissue health providing ayurvedic joint pain relief.

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Relieves stiffness

Stiffness or state of restrained mobility of joints arises due to aggravation of Vata dosha (Vatavriddhi). Procedures like localised Vasti and therapies involving localised Pichu help in the retention and absorption of medicated oils through the skin's surface, which, upon getting penetrated, increases lubrication, improving the mobility of joints.

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Reduces pain

In Ayurveda, pain is a feature specific to Vata vriddhi. Localised Vasti uses medicated oils that have properties opposite to the properties of Vata. They help relieve the pain and absorb nutritional herbal medications for better nourishment of the body. It is used in conditions like spondylosis, sciatica, lower back pain, stress and headache.

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Helps in expelling morbid toxins from tissues

Vasti also removes toxins from the body. Chronic improper dietary and lifestyle regimens cause malfunctioning of the digestive system, which triggers the aggravation of Vata in the intestine. Stomach dysfunction leads to Vata vitiation and Ama build-up. Vasti can lessen the effects of Ama and help eliminate the symptoms of endotoxin build-up.

Alleviates sports injury

Treatments can be taken in 3 phases: 
Pre-event: It is best recommended to start the treatment 14 days before the event. Localised Vasti, taken in advance, helps in preparing the muscles and tissues to fight over the upcoming tension. 

On the day of the event: 
Taking Localised Vasti on the event day would prevent severe muscle cramps and reduce the risk of muscle tears. 

Localised Vasti, in the latter days, would help nourish and replenish the damaged tissues and cells. 

Vasti/Pichu at Ayurvedagram Bali

Types of Vasti:

Shiro Vasti:

A calculated amount of medicated oil formulation is retained (vasti) on the head (Shira) for a predetermined amount of time as part of the Shiro Vasti procedure. Medicated oil is allowed to be retained on the head using a leather bag during the unique procedure, which is highly beneficial in diseases like insomnia, dryness of mouth, alopecia, etc.

Greeva Vasti:
Kati Vasti:
Janu Vasti:
Massage & Final Steps:

Localised Warm Oil Retention Treatment:

The soothing natural ambience of Ayurvedagram Bali, which includes lush green gardens, calming waters, and breathtaking views, further enhances the experience of one's healing journey by offering a peaceful, pleasant and serene environment. It helps the visitors to relax and find their inner peace. Ayurvedagram Bali's Localised oil retention therapies help visitors find their ideal chance to relieve the discomfort and unsettling symptoms they have been putting up with all this time. All the while, they are detaching from the stresses of daily life and reestablishing a peaceful, restorative environment within their inner selves. The careful selection of suitable herbs,or medicated oils, the maintenance of a calming temperature, the presence of highly skilled therapists, and the establishment of a peaceful treatment space are necessary. Choosing the right kind of vasti, Pichu, or medicated oil is crucial; it should be tailored to the person's specific constitution and imbalances to promote optimal health and deep relaxation.

Our Team

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Dr. Natasha

Dr Natasha leads our team of Ayurvedic Practitioners. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and has been awarded for her outstanding academic excellence. Dr.Natasha is a skilled practitioner, with over a decade of experience in healing as a Physician and Panchakarma specialist and in Herbal Dietetics. She belongs to Kerala, South India, which is the home to the 3000-year-old Ayurvedic traditions.