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Ayurvedic Nutrition

After a taxing day, the allure of a hot cup of coffee or indulging in tempting hotspots with delicious treats is a common temptation. Whether savoury dips or mouthwatering cakes, food can unite people through shared emotions and sentiments. Yet, beyond the joy of taste, it's essential to contemplate the quality of our food choices and their impact on our health.

Now is the ideal moment to reconsider our dietary habits and integrate mindful, healthy eating into our daily lives. Picture yourself immersed in the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda and its extraordinary principles of healthy eating in the enchanting tropical haven of Ayurvedagram Bali.

Benefits this treatment brings

Let's dive into the myriad of benefits:

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Enhances digestive metabolism

An Ayurvedic diet plan involves easy-to-digest foods with a load of nutrients, promoting gut health.
It is noticed that consuming Ayurvedic nutrition recipes will help prevent digestive issues like Hyperacidity, diarrhoea, Constipation, IBS, and gastric problems. Another vital advantage of Ayurvedic nutrition is about limiting incompatible food combinations. Incompatible food combinations cause various health risks.

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Weight Loss

Ayurvedic nutrition helps in maintaining a healthy weight and promotes weight loss. Several factors aid in weight gain, like hormonal changes. Such hormonal variations can be brought to normal with the appropriate usage of Ayurvedic nutrition. It also enhances insulin sensitivity and helps manage diabetes. The most effective method for weight loss is planning a diet according to the individual constitution or Prakriti.

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Improves Mood

Ayurvedic diet can assist in increasing mood stabilisation and energy by customising the food to an individual's specific needs because it considers their unique body and mental types, metabolic processes, biological cycles, seasonal fluctuations, and life phases.

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Battles Low Immunity and Fatigue

An Ayurvedic diet is also beneficial for combating weariness, lethargy, and susceptibility to stress-related illnesses. To boost immunity, avoid anaemia, and increase energy, foods like cooked veggies, buttermilk, and spices like garlic, cardamom, pepper, ginger, and honey are employed. Ayurvedic therapy uses vitamins and herbs, such as adaptogen herbs like ginseng and ashwagandha, to help the body cope with stress in addition to a nutritious diet.


Promotes Consuming Seasonal, Organic, and Locally Grown Foods

Our need for diverse food sources at different times of the year implies that an ideal diet should vary with the seasons. Ayurvedic classics have laid down practical principles for planning diets for seasonal changes. Consuming a diet that balances the dosha that is peaking based on the season, regardless of an individual's dosha, is crucial. The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha energies are believed to peak in the summer, fall, and late winter, respectively.
Here's a simple way to think about it:

1. In summer, go for naturally sweet foods and avoid too much spiciness, sourness, or saltiness. Opt for meals that are not too hot and drier, choosing astringent and bitter flavours. This way, you align your diet with the season, making choices that complement the warm weather and help keep you balanced.

2. Eat fewer fats and lighter foods; prioritise moist foods over dry ones.

3. Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables and less heated foods like soups and stews.

4. Savour additional freshly squeezed juices, coconut products, yoghurt, smoothies, and refreshing veggies like melons, cucumbers, and berries.

5. In the Fall, avoid spicy, sour, and salty dishes in favour of sweet, mildly bitter, and astringent foods. Strike a balance between light and heavy and cooling and hot foods. Consume more pomegranates, warm spices, soups, and well-ripened seasonal fruits. Eat extra bitter green vegetables and herbs as well.

Nutrition at Ayurvedagram Bali

At Ayurvedagram, Bali, we strictly adhere to the ancient and authentic principles outlined in Ayurveda's texts and classical literature for custom tailoring our clients' diet charts. Our highly skilled Ayurvedic physicians are trained to appropriately select the kind of food according to your Prakriti or individual constitution and the state of the disease.


Before starting with Ayurveda nutrition therapy, an expert Ayurvedic physician will discuss your medical history, present health condition, any specific concerns you may have, and your current diet practices to ensure the most feasible and practical nutrition guidelines. This helps the practitioner to choose the most appropriate treatment and diet for your needs.

Ways of integrating nutrition:

Our Ayurvedic Nutrition:

Ayurvedagram Bali is a haven of peace and tranquillity that provides a range of indulgent therapies and personalised dietary choices as part of its all-encompassing wellness programs. We present each guest with a customised treatment plan and diet plan to meet their needs. The perfect blend of ancient Ayurvedic techniques and optimal nutrition pave the way for complete healing. The serene natural settings at Ayurvedagram, Bali, are profoundly calming, leaving guests completely rejuvenated. 
As Ayurveda considers body and mind as one and whole, Ayurvedic nutrition will not only aim at physical fitness or nourishment but also focus on increasing mindfulness, promoting relaxation, and reducing stress while helping balance the body's energies.
The natural surroundings of Ayurvedagram Bali further enhance the experience with stunning views, providing a peaceful and serene arrangement for our patients to reconnect with themselves. 
Embark on a unique healing journey in a warm, nature-filled setting at Ayurvedagram Bali, experiencing personalised Kerala Ayurvedic therapies and delicious dishes that fulfil your appetite and Doshas.

Our Team

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Dr. Natasha

Dr Natasha leads our team of Ayurvedic Practitioners. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and has been awarded for her outstanding academic excellence. Dr.Natasha is a skilled practitioner, with over a decade of experience in healing as a Physician and Panchakarma specialist and in Herbal Dietetics. She belongs to Kerala, South India, which is the home to the 3000-year-old Ayurvedic traditions.


Chef led cooking classes

Our Ayurvedic cooking are led by Chefs trained in Ayurvedic traditions. Our classes provide the essence of Ayurveda and facilitate valuable knowledge of Ayurvedic diet principles along with deep insight of conscious healthy eating. The classes will teach you to prepare meals in accordance to your unique dosha (constitution). You learn to understand the properties of different spices and their usage in preparation of healthy Ayurvedic diet


Experienced yoga teacher

Our Yoga and Meditation protocols are led by Certified Yoga Masters, trained to guide you through dynamic yoga stretches, extensive breathwork practices and meditative techniques. Experienced Yoga teachers, trained to access and understand your personal health need and condition, will gently ease you into a group session or a personalised yoga and meditation package designed to meet your health goal.


An effective Ayurvedic nutritional treatment necessitates the guidance of an expert Ayurvedic doctor. Their knowledge and expertise are vital for assessing individual constitutions (doshas), identifying imbalances, and tailoring a personalised nutrition plan. Ayurvedic nutrition considers each person's unique needs, recommending specific dietary choices, herbs, and lifestyle practices to restore balance and promote overall well-being.



Therapy Centre

Rooms and accomodation

Enjoy a comfortable stay in our 25-room resort nestled amidst 14,000 square meters of lush landscapes. We offer a range of accommodations, including cosy cottages, serene villas, and deluxe rooms.

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Our pool rooms place the pool at your doorstep, while surrounded by lush greenery. These rooms are perfect whether traveling solo or with a group. You can request rooms next to each other, interconnected only by your private deck.


“Hi, my name is Reagan and I'm from the United States. I recently was here at AyurvedaGram Bali. What a fantastic place. I had attended Panchakarma in Bangalore early before the pandemic in 2020. I was so excited to find out there was a new location in Bali. I packed my bags and I arrived and from the moment I came onto campus I was made to feel welcome, loved and as if I'd been here before the whole time. What a beautiful experience. Between the clinic and the hotel and the campus,
I just had a peaceful, beautiful, rejuvenating Panchakarma. Thank you to the team here in Bali and hurry up and pack your own bags and make it to AyurvedaGram Bali!“

Reagen Marie / U.S.A

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