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Beauty from Within

Radiant skin isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Your skin mirrors your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Achieving clear, healthy skin is a choice available to all of us. Our skin battles daily challenges – from dust and chemicals to long journeys, stress, and the allure of cosmetic products. As time passes, neglecting your skin may lead to wrinkles, tired eyes, acne, and dryness, leaving you susceptible to allergies, hair loss, and more. In our fast-paced world, skincare can be a daunting task. However, Ayurveda, the ancient wisdom of holistic well-being, views beauty as more than skin-deep. It offers practical solutions to these modern challenges through herbal remedies and internal-external cleansing therapies. At Ayurvedagram Bali, we are dedicated to bringing the healing traditions of Kerala Ayurveda to those seeking rejuvenation. We aim to deliver world-class care, comprehensively addressing your skin and wellness concerns.

Benefits this package brings you



Experienced Ayurvedic practitioners lead the program, with thorough screenings and post-treatment support to ensure safety, effectiveness, and energy restoration.


Customised Packages

Our course offers customised treatment regimens to accommodate a wide range of needs and budgets.


Holistic Approach

Our program embraces an Ayurvedic lifestyle, personalised diet plans, and Panchakarma treatments, targeting the root causes of weight gain for lasting well-being.

What treatments are included

In the realm of Ayurveda, beauty is a harmonious blend of body, mind, and soul – a complete transformation known as 'Subhanga Karanam.' It transcends cosmetics, facelifts, and styling; it's about holistic well-being, from skin to soul.

Our Beauty From Within Program is your path to divine wellness. We delve deep into understanding your unique constitution, daily routine, and their impact on your health. Our holistic approach combines herbal internal medications, traditional Ayurvedic procedures, local therapies, yoga, meditation, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle enhancements tailored to your health condition.

Our Beauty Programme

Beauty is an external manifestation of your overall wellness. It reflects your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Our specialised Beauty From Within program incorporates Ayurvedic principles to soothe your body by combining diet, lifestyle, yoga, and Ayurvedic regimens.

Ayurvedic herbal formulations are integrated with the diet for nourishing your cells. Ayurvedic therapies such as Abhyanga and Ksheera dhara improve blood circulation and rejuvenate the cells, while Shirodhara strengthens your nervous system and promotes hair growth. Applying medicated paste over the face and body exfoliates the skin and addresses skin conditions. Udwarthanam, the herbal powder massage, cleanses the tissues and removes excess fat from the body, and other procedures such as Njavara kizhi nourish and revitalise yourself. The Ayurvedagram Bali Beauty From Within program is time-tested to address modern issues and needs.


An expert panel of seasoned Ayurvedic doctors, masseurs, and experienced yoga coaches will help you achieve the beauty within.

Meet Dr. Natasha

Dr. Natasha hails from Kerala, South India. Kerala is home to the purest, unbroken Ayurvedic traditions because it’s never been ravaged by war or invasion. Dr. Natasha’s family members have been practicing physicians at the Kerala school of Ayurvedic medicine for generations.

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Why you need this

Discover the beauty within and cleanse your body and soul at Ayurvedagram Bali. Our comprehensive health approach harmonises your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, including skin health.

Our dynamic team assesses your unique constitution (Prakriti), elemental essence, and other factors to craft personalised care for you, encompassing tailored lifestyle and dietary modifications. This therapeutic approach not only purifies the body and soul but also renews inner peace, allowing you to embrace a state of serenity and radiant skin health.


Requirements may vary based on the chosen package and health conditions. We recommend informing us about medical concerns, allergies, or dietary preferences. Feel free to practice yoga in comfortable clothing and meditation with an open mind.

Be aware if you are sensitive to any herbal ingredients or methods opted for cleansing. But be assured that our Beauty From Within program provides gentle Ayurvedic beauty care suitable for all ages. Our panel of experienced physicians will ensure you safely undergo the program, considering your pre-existing medications and health conditions.

Package variations

At Ayurvedagram Bali, we serve classical beauty-enhancing therapies that are personalised to each individual and their skin type, identifying the root concerns of the condition. We assess the health status, skin and scalp health, stress levels, health history, and program expectations to customise the treatment schedule for each individual.

  • Duration: The time range varies depending on the patient’s condition and treatment goals. Personalised packages are available, tailored to suit a variety of schedules and preferences.

  • Price Range: The price differs depending on the length and complexity of the package. Our weight loss packages are offering options to fit various budgets.

  • Location: Nestled in the serene landscapes of Ubud, Bali, Ayurvedagram Bali is embraced by verdant jungles, picturesque terraced paddy fields, and revered ancient shrines. This spiritually rich environment, steeped in cultural immersion and artisanal traditions, offers a natural tapestry that elevates physical and emotional well-being.

Our Facilities for Beauty from Within

Our on-site services include ayurvedic medications, a yoga centre (Yogashala), and a treatment clinic. A good yoga instructor will assist you in achieving a healthy metabolism.


Our yogashala, nestled amidst lush paddy fields and twin banyan trees, is central to our treatment packages, offering a transformative space for yoga practice. Under the guidance of certified yoga masters, yoga integrates seamlessly with Ayurveda to address various health concerns, from stress management to post-cancer recovery, tailored to your unique needs.

Rooms and accomodation

Enjoy a comfortable stay in our 25-room resort nestled amidst 14,000 square meters of lush landscapes. We offer a range of accommodations, including cosy cottages, serene villas, and deluxe rooms.

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Our pool rooms place the pool at your doorstep, while surrounded by lush greenery. These rooms are perfect whether traveling solo or with a group. You can request rooms next to each other, interconnected only by your private deck.

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“Joyell is a traditional birth keeper by profession and a writer by passion. Her travel to Bali was not planned and the best among the things she explored there was knowing herself more. She is from South Africa and with her maternal roots from Kerala.“

Other Packages


Panchakarma is the ancient Ayurvedic art of detoxification, purification, and rejuvenation. This multiple-day deep cleansing program includes herbal guidance, diet customisation, medicated external therapies, and toxin elimination therapy.

Stress Management.jpg

Stress is an unavoidable part of fast-paced living in this modern age. But stress can easily overtax your system.

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Do you find yourself frequently worried about your body's appearance? Are you in search of solutions to shed extra body fat? Discover the ideal method to cleanse your body of toxins and embrace the enchanting benefits of Ayurvedic detox for weight loss.

Relax your body, calm your mind, and heal your spirit.

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