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Dry Herbal Powder Rub 
~Udwartanam ~

Now and then, we engage in home renovations, purchase new vehicles, recycle old clothing, pamper our pets, and more. But what about you? The stress and strain of the workplace, unhealthy food choices, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive technology use, or even a change in your mood can all take a toll on your health. Unwanted fat may accumulate around your abdomen, thighs, and arms, wrinkles may appear on your face, your skin's natural tone and complexion may fade, and premature aging may set in. The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle has become a precious luxury.

Benefits this treatment brings

Udwartanam, a.k .a. dry herbal powder rub, is a traditional method of body massage using medicated herbal powders. The synchronised deep tissue massage can solve your cosmetic and health concerns.

The word “Udwartanam” is derived from two Sanskrit words - “Urdhwa,” which means “upward,” and “Vartanam,” which means “ to move.” Experiencing the soothing effects of dry herbal rub in a direction opposite to the hair follicles helps tone your body. The therapy helps reduce excess fat and cellulite accumulation, exfoliates dead skin, improves skin complexion, and addresses health concerns. Udwartanam has both preventive and curative benefits. Let’s explore some of the benefits of Udwartanam treatment:

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Udwartanam helps in ayurvedic detoxification treatment. The vigorous stroke activates lymphatic drainage, eliminating waste products from the body. Improved blood circulation also helps remove metabolic waste, enhancing detoxification. This detoxifying procedure helps manage various conditions caused by the accumulation of ama.

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Body Relaxation

Adopting Udwartanam has benefits such as improved blood and lymphatic circulation, elimination of unwanted materials from the cells, optimisation of metabolic activities, soothing of the nerves, regulation of hormonal surges, and complete relaxation.

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Weight Management

Rubbing dry herbal powder helps break the cellulite and increase the burning of accumulated fat from the body. The herbal powder possesses natural properties that help in the mutilation and liquefaction of subcutaneous fat, eliminating it through sweat and toning the body. Thus, Udwartanam became physicians' primary choice for weight management and body toning.

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Balancing Doshas

Ayurveda considers three dosha- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha- as the fundamental energies controlling the body. Slight variation in dosha functioning can lead to various health concerns. Udwartanam helps balance the doshas, especially the Kapha dosha, by utilising specific herbal powders tailored to an individual’s constitution. Kapha dosha is primarily responsible for conditions such as obesity, lethargy, and congestion. Normalising Kapha dosha can help boost metabolism, improve appetite, and promote overall health.

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Promotes Skin Health

Regular Udwartanam sessions are an essential step in ayurvedic skin rejuvenation. The vigorous strokes remove dirt, waste, and toxins from the body and face. The deep tissue massage tones and exfoliates the skin, removing the dead cells and making it softer and more radiant. Udwartanam helps manage various skin conditions, such as psoriasis.

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Improved Blood Circulation

The traditional powder rub dilates the peripheral blood vessels and improves blood circulation. The enhanced oxygen and nutrient circulation, along with the elimination waste materials through blood vessels, can help improve the individual's overall health.

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Herbal Deodorant

The Ayurvedic dry herbal powder rub can reduce excess sweating and body odor. Incorporating Udwartanam into the daily routine keeps the skin fresh throughout the day, avoiding excess sweating and discomfort.

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Regulate Metabolism

The treatment's micro-cleansing ability helps open up the body channels and liquefaction and eliminate toxins from the cells. The cells regain their health and start functioning correctly, regulating metabolic activities from the cellular level.

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Joint And Muscle Health

Udwartanam involves vigorous upward strokes that help relieve muscle tension and improve joint mobility. The therapy tones up the body muscles and improves their strength. Removal of accumulated toxins surrounding the joint relaxes them, providing strength and mobility to the joints.

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Improves Sleep

Ayurvedic dry herbal powder rub can help enhance the quality of sleep patterns. The treatment soothes the nerves and hormones, improves the flow of oxygen and nutrition to the brain, and de-stressing happy hormones. Udwartanam sessions help relax the body and mind, thereby inducing good sleep.

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Stress Reduction

Udwartanam can calm the mind and relax the body, lessening stress, panic attacks, and anxiety levels.

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Preparatory step for Panchakarma

Udwartanam can be done as a stand-alone therapy and also as a preparatory step before the Panchakarma treatment. Including Udwartanam treatment in the Pancha Karma treatment plan prepares the body for subsequent detoxification therapies. The Therapeutic approach thus offers physical and emotional well-being.

Udwartanam treatment at Ayurvedagram Bali

At Ayurvedagram, Bali, the Udwartanam therapy strictly adheres to the traditional and authentic procedures described in Ayurvedic literature.

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Our Udwartanam therapy begins with a brief consultation, where a seasoned physician assesses the client’s internal constitution (Prakriti) and elemental essence to select the most appropriate herbal powder. At Ayurvedagram, Udwartanam is an excellent option for therapeutic and curative care.

Duration and final steps
After the Treatment:

Our Udwartanam Treatment:

Ayurvedagram Bali is a serene destination that provides a range of authentic Kerala Ayurvedic therapies, including the most renowned weight reduction therapy, Udwartanam, as part of its wellness programs. We offer each guest a customised treatment plan suiting their health conditions. The perfect blend of authentic Ayurvedic techniques and lush green surroundings revitalises the guests. You can experience a sense of calm and relaxation immediately after the treatment.

Along with Udwartanam, dietary and lifestyle adaptations are designed to enhance their Ayurvedic experience. Yoga and meditation practices, along with Udwartanam, can help burn body fat, improve skin complexion, flush out toxins, improve sleep, and help maintain physical and emotional health.

The healing journey is further enhanced by the tranquil atmosphere of Ayurvedagram Bali, with steep ravines, terraced paddy fields, breathtaking waterfalls, and tropical forests. The cosy rooms and peaceful setting of Ayurvedagram Bali help guests unwind and reconnect with themselves. Udwartanam treatment at Ayurvedagram Bali allows guests to detoxify their bodies and souls and reconnect with their inner souls in a calm and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Our Team

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Dr. Natasha

Dr Natasha leads our team of Ayurvedic Practitioners. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and has been awarded for her outstanding academic excellence. Dr.Natasha is a skilled practitioner, with over a decade of experience in healing as a Physician and Panchakarma specialist and in Herbal Dietetics. She belongs to Kerala, South India, which is the home to the 3000-year-old Ayurvedic traditions.


Chef led cooking classes

Our Ayurvedic cooking are led by Chefs trained in Ayurvedic traditions. Our classes provide the essence of Ayurveda and facilitate valuable knowledge of Ayurvedic diet principles along with deep insight of conscious healthy eating. The classes will teach you to prepare meals in accordance to your unique dosha (constitution). You learn to understand the properties of different spices and their usage in preparation of healthy Ayurvedic diet


Experienced yoga teacher

Our Yoga and Meditation protocols are led by Certified Yoga Masters, trained to guide you through dynamic yoga stretches, extensive breathwork practices and meditative techniques. Experienced Yoga teachers, trained to access and understand your personal health need and condition, will gently ease you into a group session or a personalised yoga and meditation package designed to meet your health goal.


The foundation of an effective Udwartanam Ayurvedic therapy entails several essential prerequisites. Firstly, carefully selecting suitable herbs is crucial for crafting the herbal powder. Secondly, maintaining a soothing and consistent treatment environment with the right temperature is imperative. Equally significant is the presence of a highly skilled therapist with a profound knowledge of Ayurvedic techniques. Udwartanam must be tailored to align harmoniously with the individual's unique constitution and imbalances, ultimately promoting peak wellness and facilitating deep relaxation during the treatment.



Therapy Centre

Rooms and accomodation

Enjoy a comfortable stay in our 25-room resort nestled amidst 14,000 square meters of lush landscapes. We offer a range of accommodations, including cosy cottages, serene villas, and deluxe rooms.