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Yoga Treatment

In today's fast-paced world, the demands of work and family responsibilities have led to an alarming increase in stress among the general population. Persistent stress elevates the risk of cardiac and respiratory ailments and can affect your emotional well-being. Consequently, the importance of stress management and the pursuit of a peaceful lifestyle is more significant than ever. Yoga emerges as a holistic solution, offering prevention and maintaining overall health. By embracing yoga, individuals enhance their mental well-being and experience tangible improvements in their physical health. The value of yoga in our daily lives is undeniably clear.

Benefits this treatment brings

Let’s explore some benefits of the Yoga Teatment:

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Strenght & Flexibility

Gentle movements of the body coordinated with deep breathing enhance the blood flow and strengthen muscles. Holding a pause for the prescribed duration during asanas will build muscle strength.

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Weight Loss

A holistic approach to weight loss when blended with a wholesome eating and lifestyle. The benefits of yoga for weight reduction extend past the bodily factor. Yoga promotes mindfulness, leading to better awareness of ingesting behaviour and selections.

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Pain Relief

Controlled stretching and gentle movements help with alleviating pain. It also supports people with chronic low back aches to improve mobility.
It also helps improving blood circulation.

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Stress Relief

Yoga is an excellent time-tested method to tackle stress and anxiety. It helps manage stress, aids in mindfulness, provides quality sleep and improves overall mental health. Managing stress will also lead to a healthy immune system and improve total immune functions.

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Yoga helps to achieve healthy sleep-wake schedules. It helps with insomnia in many cases and also assists in maintaining sleep.
It does so by calming the mind and relaxing the body, easing out the stress and anxiety levels.

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Hearth Health

Regular and trained Yoga helps maintain a healthy heart by checking inflammation and stress levels. Factors like blood pressure and a healthy body weight contribute to heart health. These factors can also be kept at healthy levels with Yoga.

Yoga Treatment at Ayurvedagram Bali

At Ayurvedagram, Bali, we strictly adhere to the ancient and authentic procedures outlined in Ayurveda's texts and classical literature during Yoga and treatment sessions.

The entire Yoga therapy process will depend on the type of treatment the patient is undergoing and the person's disease state.
It is followed in these steps: 


Before starting with the therapy or Yoga sessions, an expert Ayurveda physician, along with an experienced Yoga trainer, will discuss your medical history, present health condition, and any specific concerns you may have. This helps the practitioner and yoga master choose the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

The Yoga Session
Our Practitioners
Ways of Practicing:

Yoga Treatment:

Ayurvedagram Bali is a haven of peace and tranquillity that provides a range of indulgent therapies and yoga sessions as part of its all-encompassing wellness programs. We present each guest with a customised treatment plan to meet their needs. The perfect blend of ancient Ayurvedic techniques with Yoga and serene natural settings makes for an abundant, profoundly calming, and revitalising treatment experience at Ayurvedagram Bali, leaving guests completely rejuvenated. 
Those under treatment for other diseases can also participate in our unique yoga and meditation sessions with professional guidance to enhance their Ayurvedic experience. As Ayurveda considers body and mind as one whole, Yoga and meditation complement the treatment by increasing mindfulness, promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping balance the body's energies.
The natural surroundings of Ayurvedagram Bali further enhance the experience with stunning views, providing a peaceful and serene arrangement for our patients to reconnect with themselves. 
Embark on a unique healing journey in a warm, nature-filled setting at Ayurvedagram Bali, experiencing personalised Kerala Ayurvedic therapies and authentic Yoga training.
Overall, Yoga sessions at Ayurvedagram Bali offer guests the perfect opportunity to alleviate their pain and disturbing symptoms while disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life and reconnecting with their inner selves in a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Our Team

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Dr. Natasha

Dr Natasha leads our team of Ayurvedic Practitioners. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and has been awarded for her outstanding academic excellence. Dr.Natasha is a skilled practitioner, with over a decade of experience in healing as a Physician and Panchakarma specialist and in Herbal Dietetics. She belongs to Kerala, South India, which is the home to the 3000-year-old Ayurvedic traditions.


Chef led cooking classes

Our Ayurvedic cooking are led by Chefs trained in Ayurvedic traditions. Our classes provide the essence of Ayurveda and facilitate valuable knowledge of Ayurvedic diet principles along with deep insight of conscious healthy eating. The classes will teach you to prepare meals in accordance to your unique dosha (constitution). You learn to understand the properties of different spices and their usage in preparation of healthy Ayurvedic diet


Experienced yoga teacher

Our Yoga and Meditation protocols are led by Certified Yoga Masters, trained to guide you through dynamic yoga stretches, extensive breathwork practices and meditative techniques. Experienced Yoga teachers, trained to access and understand your personal health need and condition, will gently ease you into a group session or a personalised yoga and meditation package designed to meet your health goal.


For an enriching yoga experience, three key elements are imperative. Firstly, a tranquil atmosphere fosters concentration & relaxation, allowing participants to delve into their practice undisturbed. Secondly, comfortable clothing ensures unhindered movement, promoting flexibility & ease during postures. The presence of a skilled yoga teacher is paramount. Their guidance provides correct posture and technique cultivating a deeper understanding of the practice. A calm environment, comfortable attire, and a proficient yoga instructor creates an ideal foundation for a fulfilling and beneficial yoga session.



Therapy Centre

Rooms and accomodation

Enjoy a comfortable stay in our 25-room resort nestled amidst 14,000 square meters of lush landscapes. We offer a range of accommodations, including cosy cottages, serene villas, and deluxe rooms.

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Our pool rooms place the pool at your doorstep, while surrounded by lush greenery. These rooms are perfect whether traveling solo or with a group. You can request rooms next to each other, interconnected only by your private deck.


“So we just wrapped up our AyurvedaGram retreat here in Bali.
We've been here for two days.
We got here yesterday and had a consultation with one of the doctors about our health condition, meant mentally and physically and they catered to treatment specifically for
our health conditions, including a massage that we had.
It's been quite an experience, amazing food.
The property is so beautiful. Our room is so beautiful.
Everybody's so nice here. It's honestly 10 out of 10 experience. I've never done anything like this, but I'm really glad that I came here and had this opportunity to just relax, take in all what this offers, the jungle, the pool, the people, the food, the mental health. It's been amazing.“

Glen Coco / Celebrity U.S.A

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