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Steam Bath
~ Svedana ~

Swedana, or Steam Bath Therapy, a popular therapy in Ayurveda detoxifies and promotes relaxation of the body and mind. Sweating releases endorphins- natural chemicals promoting pleasure and well-being. From the "runner's high" to the calming effect of sweat, Ayurveda has well-documented the science of how Swedana, or sweat therapy, boosts physical and mental health.


Ayurvedic steam bath improves blood flow to the body, which can help to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, unclog blocked pathways and help rid of accumulated toxins from the body. When warm oil massage is followed by with steam therapy it is referred to as ‘Abhyanga Swedana.

Benefits this treatment brings

Ayurvedic Steam Bath has many benefits. It may be carried out as a standalone therapy, or combined Abhyanga or as Purvakarma - the preparatory step prior to Panchakarma. Some benefits are:

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Steam therapy is an excellent way to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The warm steam helps relax muscles, soothe the mind, promote calmness and well-being.

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Improved Circulation

Steam therapy helps dilate the blood vessels, thereby improve blood and nutrient circulation.

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Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy can helps eliminate metabolic wastes and accumulated toxins from the body. It is used as a preparatory step for the famed Panchakarma detoxification treatment.

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Skin Health

Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy can help improve skin texture and glow by promoting sweating and eliminating toxins. It is also beneficial in alleviating from skin afflictions such as acne.

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Respiratory Health

Steam therapy helps reduce congestion as it removes phlegm. If you suffer from frequent respiratory issues, steam therapy can be highly beneficial for you.

Experience deep relaxation in tranquil space and nurturing care at Ayurvedagram Bali.

Our Swedana or Steam Bath Treatment

At Ayurvedagram Bali, our team of physicians and therapists are extensively trained and honed in the Ayurvedic practices of Kerala tradition, India. A profoundly soothing and restorative wellness experience, our Swedana treatment is personalized to offer unparalleled therapeutic benefits for both mind and body. After an invigorating Abhyanga Massage, you will step into a giant steam box. Through the perspiration, your body will automatically rid itself of accumulated toxins that have been dislodged and brought to the upper layer of the skin by the vigorous synchronized Abhyanga massage. At the end of the therapy, you emerge with radiant and light, free of heaviness and bloating


The therapy initiates with a detailed one-on-one consultation and examination. Our Ayurvedic physician will discuss your medical history, current health condition and any specific concerns you may have and ascertain your specific dosha (unique mind body constitution). This helps the Physician choose the most appropriate oil or medication and present each guest with a tailored Shirodhara treatment plan customized to meet their needs.

Choosing the Right Herbs:
The Right Temperature:
Duration of Therapy
Clean up


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Metabolic Disorders


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Our Team - Discover the Healing Embrace of Ayurvedagram Bali Care

Our seasoned Ayurvedic Physicians, Yoga Masters, Therapists, Chefs, Nutritionists and empathetic caregivers are unified in one unwavering focus: to help you achieve your health goals and lasting wellbeing.

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Meet Dr. Natasha

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Our Ayurvedic Culinary Experts

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Our Yoga acharyas

Good to know

Some general pretreatment suggestions and recommendations that we would like to share.


While Steam Bath Therapy offers numerous health benefits and is safe for most people, there are specific situations and conditions in which it may not be beneficial or suitable. Hence prior knowledge of your medical history is essential to ensure your complete safety and well-being during your stay.


We take health precautions seriously. If you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, physical disabilities or ailments, please inform us beforehand.


We recommend that you wear comfortable yoga-style clothing that is wash and wear. This will help you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatments.




Rooms & Accommodation

Our boutique wellness center blends Ayurvedic requirements with modern luxury accommodation. Spread across 14000 square meters of lush tropical greens, Ayurvedagram Bali reflects the essence of our land, the local vibe and a lot of love. Our accommodation menu offers large rooms, decorated with handcrafted Balinese artisanal flair, offering stunning vistas of unspoilt greens. You will find yourself engulfed by the sounds of the forest as you relax and rejuvenate in quiet serenity and comfort.

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The Luxury Pool Villa Room

(4 units) / Size: 125 sq. metres

Awaken each morning to a bird song and let nature unveil itself before you in our Luxury Pool Villa Room. Immerse yourself in tranquil pool waters at your doorstep, or simply meander your way through our gardens, across to the unspoiled tropical flora or paddy greens. Revel in the undeniably inviting spirit of the tropics in our Luxury Villa Rooms, untethered by everyday stress and experience a welcome slowing down.

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“I have just completed a full Panchakarma treatment, and have extended my stay here at Ayurvedagram Bali. I don’t believe there is another place like this on the planet, and if there is, I don’t know. This is a place of profound healing. It has completely blown my mind in the best possible way. I have actually never received this amount of love and support. I am a world traveler and I have been to a lot of places. This is actually my fourth Panchakarma treatment and this has blown the lid off! I whole heartedly, 100% recommend this place.”

Brenda Scarborough / Leadership Development Trainer; U.S.A

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