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Medicated Herbal Wash
~ Kshalanam ~

Have you ever thought about a luxury bath in the comfort of your home? With the aroma of scented candles across the air, soothing background music calming your senses, the touch of warm water on your skin, and a long bubble bath! With the rush and hush of your daily life, a relaxing bath may be a dream for many of you. 

In Ayurveda, bathing is a therapeutic process. A custom medicated herbal wash contains all the ingredients necessary for your journey towards balance and good health. Your medicated herbal wash will heal you by removing built-up toxins and balancing emotions.

Benefits this treatment brings

Kshalanam can be performed as a stand-alone treatment and also as a supportive therapy while administrating the Panchakarma procedure. The therapy can be performed anywhere, even in the comfort of your home. Thus, the therapy holds significance within Ayurvedic principles as an effective practice for holistic healing.

Let’s explore some benefits of the Kshalanam therapy:

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Skin Health

A gentle flow of liquids helps to soothe irritated skin, reduce redness, and alleviate conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. The medicated herbal oils help maintain skin hydration, prevent acne and dryness & support soft, blemish-free skin.

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Enhanced Senses

“Netra Kshalanam,” specifically designed for eye health, can help reduce eyestrain, prevent dryness, remove impurities, support vision, and reduce the stress and tension around the eyes.

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Balancing Doshas

Ayurveda considers three doshas- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha- as the fundamental energies controlling the body. Slight variation in dosha functioning can lead to various health concerns. Kshalanam helps restore the vitiated doshas and prevent the imbalance.

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Women’s Health

Opting for a medicated herbal wash instead of chemical products helps prevent itching, discomfort, and fungal and bacterial infections in intimate areas and improves women’s health.

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Healing & Disinfection

Regular sessions of medicated herbal wash can promote healing and prevent infections. The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of the herbs can help prevent diseases, remove debris or foreign particles, and promote the regeneration of healthy tissues.

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Kshalanam can help flush out unwanted bodily substances and regulate metabolism.
As the body toxins are eliminated and blood circulation is improved with this therapy , it will help in the detoxification of body and mind.

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Enhanced Mental Clarity

A soothing, medicated herbal wash can help untangle your emotional knots, clear the mind, and improve mental clarity, concentration, and focus.
Enjoy improved mental clarity, focus, and cognitive function as your sleep patterns stabilise.

Kshalanam Ayurvedagram Bali

At Ayurvedagram, Bali, the Herbal Topical application therapy strictly adheres to the ancient and authentic procedures outlined in Ayurveda's texts.


Our highly skilled Ayurvedic physicians are trained in the Kerala tradition of Ayurveda and take great care in selecting the most appropriate type of Herbal powders based on the individual's health condition.  

The Process:

Once the client is comfortable, trained therapists will slowly and rhythmically pour medicated decoction into your whole body or specific parts as needed. The temperature must be maintained in a lukewarm state to enjoy its rejuvenating power. You can experience your body becoming refreshed, skin hydrated, muscles relaxing, and mood enhanced.

The Process:

Kshalanam Treatment:

Ayurvedagram Bali is a tranquil destination that offers a range of authentic and ancient Ayurvedic therapies, including Kshalanam, or medicated herbal wash, as part of its wellness programs. We offer each guest a customised treatment plan suiting their health conditions. The perfect blend of authentic Ayurvedic techniques and a serene atmosphere completely revitalises the guests. You can experience a sense of calm and relaxation immediately after the treatment.

Along with Kshalanam, dietary and lifestyle modifications are designed to enhance their Ayurvedic experience. Yoga and meditation practices, along with Kshalanam, can improve skin complexion, flush out toxins, improve women's health, and help maintain physical and emotional health.

The healing journey is further enhanced by the peaceful atmosphere of Ayurvedagram Bali, with steep ravines, terraced paddy fields, breathtaking waterfalls, and tropical forests. The cosy rooms and charming setting of Ayurvedagram Bali help guests unwind and reconnect with themselves. Kshalanam treatment at Ayurvedagram Bali allows guests to detoxify their body and soul and reconnect with their inner harmony in a calm and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Our Team

Dr. Natasha.jpeg

Dr. Natasha

Dr Natasha leads our team of Ayurvedic Practitioners. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and has been awarded for her outstanding academic excellence. Dr.Natasha is a skilled practitioner, with over a decade of experience in healing as a Physician and Panchakarma specialist and in Herbal Dietetics. She belongs to Kerala, South India, which is the home to the 3000-year-old Ayurvedic traditions.


Chef led cooking classes

Our Ayurvedic cooking are led by Chefs trained in Ayurvedic traditions. Our classes provide the essence of Ayurveda and facilitate valuable knowledge of Ayurvedic diet principles along with deep insight of conscious healthy eating. The classes will teach you to prepare meals in accordance to your unique dosha (constitution). You learn to understand the properties of different spices and their usage in preparation of healthy Ayurvedic diet


Experienced yoga teacher

Our Yoga and Meditation protocols are led by Certified Yoga Masters, trained to guide you through dynamic yoga stretches, extensive breathwork practices and meditative techniques. Experienced Yoga teachers, trained to access and understand your personal health need and condition, will gently ease you into a group session or a personalised yoga and meditation package designed to meet your health goal.


To ensure the success of Kshalanam treatment, certain crucial factors must be in place. These include choosing the right herbs tailored to an individual's unique constitution and health issues. Equally vital are highly skilled therapists who administer the treatment and a serene treatment setting that promotes relaxation. These prerequisites work together to create an effective and personalised healing experience, ultimately fostering peak wellness and deep relaxation for the individual undergoing the treatment.



Therapy Centre

Rooms and accomodation

Enjoy a comfortable stay in our 25-room resort nestled amidst 14,000 square meters of lush landscapes. We offer a range of accommodations, including cosy cottages, serene villas, and deluxe rooms.

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Our pool rooms place the pool at your doorstep, while surrounded by lush greenery. These rooms are perfect whether traveling solo or with a group. You can request rooms next to each other, interconnected only by your private deck.


“My name's Tina and I'm saying a big hello from Ayurveda Gram Bali. I've been here for 27 days and I can say that my journey here, or my wellness journey here, has been really fruitful and amazing. I heard about Ayurveda Gram Bali from the lovely Dr. Natasha. And it brought me here and I was so happy that I came. Because the place is really beautiful. Very serene, very calm. he people make the place what it is. And I have no words to say Dr. Natasha, the work she does is totally amazing. Shashikant, the yoga master is really, really good at what he does. The food is on par. The therapists are really, really welcoming and make you feel really comfortable. And I will definitely be back again.“

Tina Misty/ Australia

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