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welcome to the heart of healing

About Section

​Located in the heart of Ubud, our resort is a tranquil yet luxurious hideaway where you can refocus on life’s great journey.

Our mission is much more than offering a resort villa experience. We seek to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit using traditional Ayurvedic healing.

Image by Dean McQuade

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems known to mankind.

Ayurvedagram Bali marries these ancient traditional methods with the convenience and luxury of Bali, a place that nourishes the senses with all its natural beauty


Bali, an Enchanting Mountain setting,
Instrumental in the peaceful, holistic healing experience

Ayurvedagram Bali is surrounded by stunning landscapes to nurture your senses. Lush jungles full of gorgeous plants and fauna, sprawling rice paddies, and thriving river valleys can be found in every direction. Our 26-room resort is nestled amongst 7,000 square meters of breathtaking scenery. 

You’ll be in the heart of Bali in more ways than one. As Bali’s cultural capital, all manner of bohemians, artists, gourmets, hippies, royalty, and so much more lend their diverse perspectives to a rich local culture. We enjoy a beautiful harmony with this eclectic community, creating an experience unlike any other healing centre. 

Our resort echoes the heroic story of Yudistra, Bima, Arjuna, and the twins Sahadeva and Nakula. This righteous brotherhood faced so many trials—from a thirteen-year exile to an eighteen-day battle for the kingdom. 
They finally made an epic traversal across the sacred Himalayan mountain range to reach heaven. This great tale is ultimately one of Dharma vs. Adharma or good vs evil. Ayurvedagram Bali strives to manifest every virtuous aspect of this brotherhood in its resplendent design. 

Our endeavor is to provide holistic healing using Ayurvedic traditions. Ayurvedic medicine is centered around healing your body, mind, and soul in tandem. Everything is connected.  

Every detail is here for you to touch and feel while you refocus on what’s important: walking your own path to truth and righteousness with peace and tranquility.

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A Healing Place for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Here, we offer a variety of packages and treatments:

•    Panchakarma
•    Stress management
•    Sleep management
•    Metabolic disorder healing
•    Pain management
•    Women’s health

•    Detox and rejuvenation
•    Geriatric care
•    Post-surgery recovery
•    Post-cancer recovery
•    Therapy to honour beauty from within
•    Silent yoga retreats

Your treatment will be completely bespoke every time you visit. 
We invite you to visit Ayurvedagram Bali, a world of wellness and healing, whenever you need it.

"I really enjoyed coming to Ayurvedagram Bali and for me it feels like home. I came here for emotional comfort. If you are looking for physical healing – that’s definitely here but you will also find a very warm welcoming emotional healing also."


Natalia Wiswell, Artist



Listen to what our guest say about us.

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