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You must experience Ayurveda for yourself in order to fully understand and benefit from it. At Ayurvedagram Bali, in the heart of healing, we will always welcome and restore you when you fall out of balance. Here, we are set out to provide most authentic Ayurvedic experience in the Kerala tradition. Our trained doctors, therapists, and Vaidyas will meet with you and craft your bespoke holistic healing treatment.

You may take part in traditional Panchakarma to clean any toxins, stress, or blockages due to the chaos of daily life.

A full day’s routine of traditional Ayurvedic treatment will help bring your dosha back into balance and teach you healthy routines. At the end of your stay, you will leave feeling rejuvenated, with a calm mind, relaxed body, and healed spirit.

Your therapy may also include yoga, meditation, shifting to a healthy diet, and other traditional treatments.  No matter your age, ailment, disorder, or disease, you’ll enjoy a pure Ayurvedic experience to restore balance in your life. From rejuvenating the body after cancer treatment, to escaping the stresses of the modern world and easing arthritic joint pain, patients come for a variety of reasons and stay. While a 17-day stay is average, we welcome guests for any length of time they wish to stay, with a minimum of 24-hours. 

When you are a part of an Ayurvedagram healing retreat, you are allowing yourself to unplug, recharge, detoxify, and heal. You can finally treat your deepest ailments and truly heal, rather than merely covering up the symptoms.

This historic, serene, and one-of-a-kind wellness center is rich with ethnic charm and lush greenery. You’re surrounded by nature, skilled professionals, caring personnel, medicinal herbs, peace and serenity  throughout your stay, all complimented by an ancient holistic approach to healing.

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Kerala Ayurveda: Our Parent Company

Kerala Ayurveda was founded over 75 years ago. Our mission all this time has been promoting wellness, naturally, through the unbroken Ayurvedic traditions from Kerala.

We are probably one of the most awarded Ayurvedic companies globally. We’ve managed to carry on this legacy and serve you today by exemplifying one of the purest forms of Ayurveda, from the state of Kerala, India. This historic location is home to an unbroken Ayurvedic tradition reaching over 5,000 years.

We continue to build upon this solid foundation to assist you in achieving true wellness. We create products, and educational courses, connecting you with Ayurvedic doctors through our vast network of healing resources: over 30 clinics, 4 hospitals, 2 resorts in India, and our newest addition, Ayurvedagram Bali.

Kerala Ayurveda strives to remain the gold standard for Ayurvedic treatments in your journey to serenity and holistic wellness. The healing philosophy of Ayurvedagram Bali combines ancient knowledge with modern science.

We are committed to take Ayurveda global. Our mission is to help you and your loved ones heal from the noise and exhaustion of day-to-day life and bring your health back into balance.


Kerala Tradition of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic healing science. It began as an oral tradition in India over 5,000 years ago. “Ayur” translates to life, while “Veda” means knowledge. In short, Ayurveda is Life Knowledge.

This system teaches us to find a state of balance in our lives between mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, this state of balance extends to your fellow humans and the environment.

Ayurveda also teaches us that illness and disease occur when this life balance is disturbed. Both can be driven out by restoring your life balance. But how do you restore it?

Turn to the Kerala tradition of Ayurveda. This is one of the only forms which has been undisturbed by foreign invasion or forces for more than 5,000 years. We believe honouring this authentic healing system, which is unlike anything else in the world, can heal many of the diseases and illnesses that plague people today.

A key facet of the Kerala tradition is Panchakarma, the Ayurvedic art of purification, detoxification, and rejuvenation. This multi-day deep cleansing program includes herbal advice, diet, and medicated health spa techniques.

These ancient and proven rejuvenation therapies nourish your physical body and access your subtle body, where toxins, thoughts, and emotions can create blockages. This is a compelling way to eliminate the root cause of the disease rather than merely treating the symptoms.

This method has been used for thousands of years to stay healthy, young, and brimming with vigor.

Panchakarma can speed up your metabolism, purify your blood, de-stress, and focus your mind. You’ll find that your skin glows, your hair looks and feels thicker, you’ll lose weight, and you feel calmer.

There are 5 alternative cleansing therapies. Which is best suited to you depends on your constitution and current ailments. One of our trained Ayurvedic doctors will meet with you, assess your condition, and prescribe a holistic healing regimen for your stay.

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Ayurvedagram India

At Kerala Ayurveda, we’re committed to creating wellness centres and retreats so people everywhere can heal using authentic Kerala-based therapies under the guidance of our highly skilled Ayurvedic Vaidyas, well-trained doctors and therapists. 

For over two decades, at Ayurvedagram Bangalore, our award-winning flagship wellness centre in India, we have been proving the potency and efficacy of the Kerala traditions of Ayurveda. Here, in the heart of healing, you’re surrounded by 7 lush acres of sprawling, serene greenery. With over 7000 guests visited, we have become probably the most awarded Ayurvedic resort worldwide for its therapeutic value.

Your Trusted Wellness Partner

Our 75+ years of excellence in natural healing techniques has not gone unnoticed.
Indian agribusiness excellence awards 2017 for katra phytochem India pvt. ltd..png

Indian agribusiness excellence awards 2017 for katra phytochem India pvt. ltd.

Medical value travel awards, Welness centre of the year 2017.png

Medical value travel awards, Welness centre of the year 2017

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India Today, Make in India Emerging entrepreneurs award 2017

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Assocham, Herbal Company of the year 2016

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